Direct Debit Bacs Reports

The Service User is responsible for reconciliation of their Bacs reports. This means, reconciliation of Customer and payment / collection details – for example reconciliation of Direct Debit Instructions that are processed, rejected, returned, amended and/or cancelled; or reconciliation of wrongly applied Direct Debits.

To help with this task a number of Bacs reports are generated (by Bacs) for each Service User.  These Bacs reports generally work by exception, e.g. they only inform you of something that has changed or behaved differently from the norm and each of the available reports does this in a slightly different way.

Service Users must download and reconcile their Bacs reports within 3 days of receipt.  All Bacs reports are available electronically via: Bacs Payment Services website and some Bacstel-IP software packages.

Bacs Reports that must be downloaded are often called A-Reports, given that they all start with ‘A’!  Those for direct debit include the following:

Box Icon AUDDIS Report


The Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service Report advising about AUDDIS instructions that have been sent for lodgement.

Box Icon ARUDD Report

ARUDD Report

The Advice of Returned Unpaid Direct Debit Report. Typically received by 1pm day 4 (the first working day after the collection date)

Box Icon ADDACS Report


The Advice of Direct Debit Amendments & Cancellations Report. These can appear at any time as they are generated in response to changes by the payer, bank or Service User and are not necessarily related to submission of a file.


Accessing Bacs Reports

All Bacs reports are available electronically via Bacs Payment Services website and some Bacstel-IP software packages. E-mail notifications can be sent to various users when the reports become available (if set up against the contact). It’s recommended to download these using your payments software where possible. Otherwise they are made available to the service user for 37 days at a time.

If wanting to download Bacs reports direct from the Payment Services website, the following steps can be used:

  1. Access website

    Upon receipt of an email notification, go to Bacs Payment Services Website

  2. Log in

    Log in to Payment Services Website (Log in using Chip & PIN or User ID & Password)

  3. Search

    Navigate to the Processing Reports Screen and search for the report

  4. Select

    Select the report to view it on-line

  5. Save or print

    Save or print the report, select the File menu and Print or Save

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