AUDDIS Migration

If you currently submit your Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) to Bacs on paper but would like to submit DDIs electronically then you are considering an AUDDIS Migration (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service).

Introducing / moving to AUDDIS is something that most organisations will only do once and it can therefore be difficult to develop any expertise in how to undertake this potentially complex process.  Utilising our help will minimise errors and free-up internal administrative resources.  This will help limit the time required to achieve ‘Live’ status.

Benefits of AUDDIS

There are numerous benefits to using AUDDIS vs using a manual paper-based scheme.  These include:

Box Icon Lower processing costs (reduced paper & postage)

Lower processing costs (reduced paper & postage)

Box Icon Increased accuracy (no handwriting to decipher)

Increased accuracy (no handwriting to decipher)

Box Icon Pre submission modulus checking on DDI

Pre submission modulus checking on DDI

Box Icon Speedier set-up time (no postage delays)

Speedier set-up time (no postage delays)

Box Icon Earlier warning of failed set-up via Bacs reports

Earlier warning of failed set-up via Bacs reports

Box Icon Allows progression to Paperless Direct Debit

Allows progression to Paperless Direct Debit

AUDDIS Considerations

There are also some additional rules and considerations when using AUDDIS, e.g. you need to have a copy of the DDI in case you have to prove authority and you have to conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) checks to name a few. When considering a move to AUDDIS therefore, it is important to fully understand the implications before starting the project.  This is where we can help.

Making the change to AUDDIS

There are three options open to any organisation that are looking to introduce AUDDIS. There are pros and cons to each method and this is where it becomes important to understand the options in more detail. These are:

Box Icon Option 1

Option 1

Move existing DDIs to AUDDIS via AUDDIS Migration. This can take a little while to undertake and involves sending test and conversion files, but it does mean you don't have to collect new Direct Debit Instructions.

Box Icon Option 2

Option 2

Set up a new, AUDDIS-enabled SUN. This requires new Direct Debit Instructions to be completed which can create an opportunity for existing customers to decide they no longer wish to be customers! It can be quicker however than a migration.

Box Icon Option 3

Option 3

Run 2 numbers in parallel – one AUDDIS enabled and one non-AUDDIS. (This approach is less widely used as many companies find operating 2 systems confusing but it can be the best option in some cases).

Reliable AUDDIS Support - Keeping It Simple

An AUDDIS Migration will require you to go through a number of steps.  With our expert consultancy – whether it is via phone support through to full project management – can reduce time, errors and cost.  We can help you at each stage of the process:

Box Image
  1. Application

    We can guide you or act on your behalf to obtain the correct forms from your sponsoring bank and to ensure the forms are accurately completed (detailing your processes for Modulus checking, KYC checks etc).

  2. Preparation

    We can introduce you to appropriate software providers, or interact with them on your behalf as you upgrade or procure additional software. Our independent software advice has resulted in significant cost savings for several of our customers.

  3. Testing

    Before you can ‘Go Live’ you must demonstrate to Bacs and to your sponsoring bank that you can correctly submit AUDDIS files. We can ensure this step is efficiently completed / submit the test files on your behalf

  4. Go Live

    The final process of Migrating your existing Direct Debit Instructions. This will convert your existing Direct Debit Instructions to AUDDIS. You will no longer be able to submit manual (paper) instructions once your Service User Number has been migrated.

  5. Follow up

    Implementing AUDDIS is necessary before you can introduce Paperless Direct Debit. It is often the first step in the process and we can help with introducing Paperless Direct Debits as well.

AUDDIS Migration - making it clear

Reduce time, errors and cost with our expert help