About ClearDebit

ClearDebit provide a clear, simple and trusted insight into Bacs and the world of Direct Debits. We are a Bacs Approved Bureau, a Bacs Accredited Training provider and an independent Bacs Consultancy. Our expertise has been developed working with Bacs, banks & software / CRM suppliers and we are proud to have helped hundreds of service users get the most from the Direct Debit Scheme. In 2018 we became part of Clearcourse, a partnership of innovative technology companies providing membership software to groups, organisations and small businesses.

Making Direct Debits easy

  • Ensuring Direct Debit scheme compliance
  • Reducing unpaid items and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Reducing the likelihood of indemnity claims
  • Getting the most from AUDDIS
  • Increasing the successful collections of Direct Debits
  • Reducing the burden on your time
  • Maximising the people who pay via Direct Debit
  • Making sure the cost of collections are kept to a minimum
  • Ensuring successful Paperless Direct Debits (PDD)
  • Allowing you to concentrate on your core business
Box Image Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their aims and requirements. We combine this with our expertise and passion for making complex and technical subjects simple.

At all times, we support you with objective advice and guidance on how to best manage your Direct Debit systems. We are dedicated to providing the best possible levels of service so, if you have ever struggled to get an answer about Direct Debit, then we are the organisation to call.

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The ClearCourse Group

In December 2018, ClearDebit was acquired by ClearCourse, a group of innovative technology companies.

ClearCourse companies provide innovative, integrated software solutions that grow with your business, adding essential functionality that helps you achieve your goals. By working with a ClearCourse company you benefit from a technology partner with a deep understanding of your organisational challenges, the security that comes from private equity backing and the collective years of experience across the group.

Visit the ClearCourse website to find out more.
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Our Clients

We are proud to have worked with a diverse range of organisations, each with very specific and often very different needs. What these organisations all have in common is their requirement to gain a clear understanding of Direct Debits along with straightforward, practical help with their Direct Debit systems.  This is where ClearDebit comes in!  Working with so many companies has given us the opportunity to share best practice across a range of organisations and we pride ourselves on the exceptional feedback that we have received from them.


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