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05, FEB 2013

Well there are 2 possible answers……

You are not using the AUDDIS system to set up your Direct Debits


You are using AUDDIS but it appears not to be working for you correctly.

If the answer for you was the first one then the only resolution is to implement AUDDIS, something we have written about on here before. (See the article)

If however the 2nd answer applies to you then here are some things that it could be going on for you to investigate:-

  1. Do you have a process to ensure that you get all of your reports from Bacs? If you are not getting all of your AUDDIS reports then you will not always get updated about instructions that have not been accepted by the bank.
  2. Do you action your AUDDIS reports promptly and send your files to Bacs at the best time? If you leave any time between receiving your AUDDIS reports and updating the details on your system or if you are sending collection files to BACS more than 2 working days prior to collection it could be causing the problem.
  3. Do you always action your ADDACS reports and are you sending the correct codes back to Bacs where necessary? A common mistake is not updating your own system with new bank details or failing to send the correct AUDDIS codes to the new bank when someone transfers their account. (You need to send a 0N code for it to be set up correctly)

Whatever the situation is, the code “No Instruction” shouldn’t really be coming back to you if you are using AUDDIS. The error is likely to be entirely controllable in your own environment. Try the suggestions above or alternatively we can help with our Training, Consultancy and Audit services and help to eliminate unnecessary errors for you.

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