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The Giving Generation: How Direct Debit has reformed donations and funding

April 16 2018

If you’re a charity reliant on donations then Direct Debit is the solution you might not even know you’re looking for… Offering easy ways to donate is a vital part of gaining and retaining donations wherever possible. In today’s financial market people...

Rent Payments – Direct Debit makes sense

August 11 2017

Rent. It’s tricky to pin down exactly how much is paid in rent every year in the UK, but with more and more people finding it difficult to afford to buy, the rental market is buoyant. That’s good news if you’re a landlord – but not if you’re faced with...

How charities benefit from direct debits

December 08 2016

Direct debit offers significant advantages as a payment method for any sector – commercial, public sector and third sector. In this blog, we look specifically at the third sector, and how charities benefit from using direct debits. Advantages for...

What is a Direct Debit and what are the benefits of Direct Debit?

October 14 2013

Bacs, the governing body behind the Direct Debit Scheme, announced that this summer it processed its 100 billionth transaction since it was first established in 1968.  Part of its success has been down to the growth of its Direct Debit Scheme which has seen massive...