SEPA Direct Debit Training

Do you take payments in Euro’s from the Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Germany or other European countries? Can you make sense of the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme rules, processes and obligations? Do your staff need clarity on elements of the SEPA Direct Debit Collection process? Let our SEPA Direct Debit Training help make it Clear!

Box Image Tailored SEPA Direct Debit

Tailored SEPA Direct Debit

The SEPA Direct Debit Training (SDD) course is aimed at any organisation transacting in Euro’s – whether they are either considering using the scheme or already have active participants.  It will clarify the latest rules, ensuring your SDD process is fully compliant, whilst boosting the confidence of those involved in SDD activities at your organisation. If you are seeking greater efficiencies in your SDD process and want to successfully sign-up more customers, then our training can help!

SEPA Direct Debit Training Topics

Box Icon Benefits of SEPA & Promoting SEPA DDs

Benefits of SEPA & Promoting SEPA DDs

Box Icon Process: Stages & Timescales

Process: Stages & Timescales

Box Icon Process: Reports & R-Messages

Process: Reports & R-Messages

Box Icon Process: Paperless & E-Mandates

Process: Paperless & E-Mandates

Box Icon Creditor Obligations

Creditor Obligations

Advantages of SEPA Direct Debit training

  • Run at your offices / convenient location
  • Organised at a date to suit your team
  • Tailored to your organisations systems and needs
  • An up to date overview of the rules
  • Highly interactive, discussion based learning
  • Full supporting documentation provided
  • Expert trainer
  • Follow-up support from industry experts

Interactive, practical SEPA Direct Debit training

SEPA Direct Debit training tailored to your organisations needs, systems and approach