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17, OCT 2014

Are you processing Direct Debits without being up to date with the Bacs scheme rules? Have you reviewed your Data Recovery Plan? Have you explored a relationship with a Bureau? If you answered no to any of these questions then ask yourself can your company risk the exposure of failure to collect their Direct Debits???

Have all staff had training in the previous 3 years or have new members joined the team with no formal training? Ensuring staff are up to date with all the scheme rules is essential to running an effective and beneficial Direct Debit scheme. Direct Debits are the preferred payment option by customers, with more choosing it over every any other method. Ensuring staff are confident explaining the set up process to customers, explaining the benefits of Direct Debits over standing orders, understanding the Direct Debit Guarantee and updating the system internally by actioning all Bacs reports.

What Data Recovery Plan have you in place and how long has it been since it was updated? Asking questions about who has a smartcard, where are they kept, what would happen if access to the smartcards was prohibited, if your smartcard gets lost or damaged who else in the company has access to one? What would happen if your software failed or the area has a power cut? Updating your DR Plan (Data Recovery) on a regular basis is key to ensuring your company never misses a Direct Debit.

All of these issues wouldn’t be unsolvable if you have a Bureau as a contingency. You simply upload your file to the Bureau and they submit it on your behalf.

As an approved Direct Debit Bureau we can offer a managed service for companies wishing to outsource their Direct Debit collections or we can provide contingency support to organisations who currently process in-house.

As a company we have helped hundreds of organisations with implementing new systems and procedures and we have a wealth of experience and best practice examples which could help you achieve your objectives. Further details about us and our offerings are available on our website: http://cleardirectdebit.co.uk/

Feedback from individuals who have attended our courses or utilised our Consultancy and Bureau offerings is available on our website: http://cleardirectdebit.co.uk/client-list/feedback/ and case studies can be provided if required.

Contact Clear Direct Debit and reduce your risk – Link to a Bureau.