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Re-Presenting Unpaid Direct Debits: When and How?

November 27 2012

Does your organisation ever have Direct Debits returned to you unpaid?  If so, do you try to re-present them?  (A re-presented Direct Debit is a debit which has previously been returned unpaid by the bank and is then presented again for collection).  Any unpaid...

Charities: Are you missing out on donations due to the timing of your Direct Debit Collections?

September 25 2012

Delaying collections of Direct Debits can soon add up to loss of revenue, especially if you aren’t using AUDDIS or have not optimised your collection schedule.  Most supporters will be happy to start their donations at the earliest opportunity but all too often...

AUDDIS: To Migrate or not to Migrate?

May 23 2012

Currently, 45% of Service Users continue to operate a paper-based system of submitting their Direct Debit Instructions (DDI's) to Bacs, i.e. they send them in the post. Many companies however recognize the benefits of using an AUDDIS, (Automated Direct Debit...