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How charities benefit from direct debits

December 08 2016

Direct debit offers significant advantages as a payment method for any sector – commercial, public sector and third sector. In this blog, we look specifically at the third sector, and how charities benefit from using direct debits. Advantages for...

Maintaining trust in direct debits

December 08 2016

A recent survey that’s been reported in a number of places indicates that there’s a growing lack of trust surrounding direct debits. There have also been plenty of negative press stories lately to fuel doubt about the security of direct debits. Of course, this...

What to do in a Direct Debit Emergency.

September 19 2016

Anyone who collects Direct Debits should have this information to hand in the rare event that they need it. That is just the trouble - we assume everything is ok until suddenly it isn’t. I was prompted to write this as today is the day that organisations...