Bacs, Bureau Service, Direct Debit, Training
25, SEP 2015

End-of-life’ is a term used by software suppliers to indicate that their product is coming to the end of its life. This means that they will stop marketing, selling or supporting the product. They will often encourage existing users to ‘upgrade’ to newer or more expensive replacement offerings, emphasising that you will not be able to submit your Bacs files without doing so. Don’t worry – there are always other options!

If you have received notification that your Bacs software is facing end-of-life it can result in some unwanted pressures, for example it can….

  • force a capital outlay on replacement products,
  • necessitate a change in internal processes
  • require new training for staff.

It can however also present an opportunity – for example to review and IMPROVE current processes and to reduce the associated costs of processing Direct Debits and Direct Credit transactions. This could best be achieved by engaging a specialised Bureau to process your transactions.

With the Clear Direct Debit Bureau service, all Direct Debit and/ or Direct Credit transactions are out-sourced to us. This means that Bacs experts are responsible for ensuring that your transactions are sent to Bacs. It also means that you are future-proofing your operation because whether your transactions increase or decrease, the Bureau service will simply adapt and respond to your needs.

  • You will never need to replace software or worry about security upgrades such as SHA-2. All of this is taken care of for you.
  • You don’t need to purchase or maintain Smart cards – we take on this role of ‘signing’ transactions and sending them to Bacs for you.
  • If you face IT issues or personnel changes you don’t need to be concerned that your transactions will fail – we are always there to process on your behalf.
  • If you require online sign-up screens we can provide these for you
  • We can download and make available all your Bacs reports – and help you understand them
  • If you require us to we can create and forward all customer communications regarding the Direct Debits / Credits.

For many organisations an out-sourced service removes all the headache and pressure and can be cheaper and less timely to administer.

Switching to the Clear Direct Debit Bureau Service is easy to do. There are 3 steps to undertake

  1. You sign a short Agreement giving us the authority to submit transactions on your behalf
  2. You phone your bank and link your Service User Number to our Bureau Number
  3. You send us your file via a secure site that can be accessed only by yourselves and ourselves.

3 simple steps and you are ready to go! Plus:

  • There are no initial outlay costs – no hardware or software to pay for.
  • We can set the process up within hours
  • You are in the hands of experts – as Bacs accredited trainers we have spent years training banks and Service Users alike on how to operate Bacs Direct Debit / Credit schemes.

Contacting us for an obligation-free quote and further information is easy – can us on 0845 658 6488 or e mail us on info@cleardirectdebit.co.uk. If we feel that the Bureau service is not the best option for you we can offer you advice on other software options. Either way, we can help you understand what to consider and where to look.