Direct Debit
31, JAN 2019

ClearCourse adds Direct Debit processing capabilities as a first step in building a best-in-class payments platform.

ClearCourse Partnership LLP, a new partnership with a mission to acquire innovative technology companies providing membership software and services to groups, organisations and businesses, has announced its acquisition of Clear Direct Debit, a market-leading provider of Direct Debit services focused on the membership and association markets.

Clear Direct Debit was founded in 2009 by Gavin Lawrence and Debbie Lane, initially as an advisory and training company providing insight and support to companies’ Direct Debit processing activities. They expanded their capabilities and became a Bacs Approved Bureau to offer a full service solution and now provide Direct Debit processing services to more than 75 organisations.

“Clear Direct Debit’s mission is to provide clear, objective insight into the world of Bacs and Direct Debits for membership and association organisations,” said Gavin Lawrence, Managing Director of Clear Direct Debit. “We are thrilled to continue and build upon that mission with ClearCourse, which will provide us with greater resources and offerings to help our customers manage their Direct Debit systems.”

Gerry Gualtieri, Chief Executive Officer of ClearCourse, said, “We are excited to work with Clear Direct Debit’s leadership team to build upon their current success. Clear Direct Debit is the ideal partner to help develop ClearCourse’s payments platform and continue our aim of bringing together the best-in-class membership management and payments software solutions in the UK.”