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Category: Security

Making Membership Work For You: Direct Debit and Membership

May 04 2018

Knowing your members is the key to maintaining and growing your member-base - knowing their likes and dislikes; what drives them to want to be a part of your organisation, and what’s important to them. People like paying by Direct Debit! According to data...

The Giving Generation: How Direct Debit has reformed donations and funding

April 16 2018

If you’re a charity reliant on donations then Direct Debit is the solution you might not even know you’re looking for… Offering easy ways to donate is a vital part of gaining and retaining donations wherever possible. In today’s financial market people...

Just how secure are your direct debit solutions?

July 26 2017

With the huge rise in the use of technology in all aspects of our lives, many people now make many payments over the telephone or online. With this constant exchange of sensitive information, it’s understandable that people have become increasingly concerned about...

Modulus Checking and Paperless Direct Debits – Why & How?

April 29 2016

The latest Service User Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit scheme (SUG&R v4.1) has clarified what is and is not provided by modulus checking. Modulus checking describes the ability to check that a bank account number and sort-code are accurate.  It does...

Do ‘KYC’ checks need software?

April 08 2016

'Know Your Customer' (KYC)' checks are a mandatory requirement for any Paperless Direct Debit process, (e.g. where there is no paper Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) to be signed).  Does a service user, the organisation collecting by Direct Debit (DD), need software...

Collecting Direct Debits? Concerned about Fraud? Do you KYC?

April 08 2016

Direct debit fraud....really?  Yes, it is possible but it is a much rarer thing compared to credit card fraud.  For those who collect direct debits (service users), reducing risk in collections is paramount. Know Your Customer (KYC) checks can aid this and is...

Reduce your Risk – Link to a Bureau

October 17 2014

Are you processing Direct Debits without being up to date with the Bacs scheme rules? Have you reviewed your Data Recovery Plan? Have you explored a relationship with a Bureau? If you answered no to any of these questions then ask yourself can your company risk the...

Ensuring uninterrupted Direct Debit Collections – 10 top tips

September 15 2014

Ensuring that you get your Direct Debit files to Bacs as scheduled is essential for any collecting organisation. Failure to do so will mean missed collections, restricted cash-flow and (potentially) unhappy customers! Indirect submitters can rely to some extent on...

Security – Direct Debit v Card Payments

February 20 2013

When it comes to the security of our money and financial transactions, most of us would place security as a fairly high priority. Direct Debit is almost certainly the best method of payment open to customers and yet they still sometimes mistrust it or prefer to pay...