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15, MAR 2018

With Easter fast approaching make sure you’ve got your eggs in order so you’ve planned for Bacs Easter processing dates.

Bacs processing works on a 3-day cycle – i.e. there are 3 days involved. These are known as the “Input Day”, “Processing Day” and the “Entry day” in simple terms that means that you need to send your file to Bacs 2 working days prior to the banks payment date. It’s always a good idea to refresh your understanding of the process with BACS accredited training – especially with the GDPR update so close.

Both Good Friday (30th March) and Easter Monday (2nd April) are bank holidays which means they are ‘non-processing days’. Make sure that you have scheduled all your direct debits and credits with this in mind. If you’re unsure of the date changes that you may need to make you can always get some extra help from a consultant, and also refer to the table below:

Payment Arrival Date Processing Date Latest Submission Date
Thursday                    29 March Wednesday               28 March Tuesday                      27 March
Tuesday                     03 April Thursday                   29 March Wednesday                28 March
Wednesday                04 April Tuesday                     03 April Thursday                    29 March
Thursday                    05 April Wednesday                04 April Tuesday                      03 April

As always you can submit any Bacs files up to 30 days in advance; just ensure that the correct processing dates are listed. And if you’re struggling with the processing of your direct debits and/or credits you can always use a Bureau to do the heavy lifting for you.

Finally, if you’re feeling very organised, you can download the Bacs calendar for 2018. Get the non-processing days in your calendar now!
If you have any questions relating to Bacs, Direct Debits and Credits, Training, Consultancy or Bureau services you can contact us on info@cleardirectdebit.co.uk or 0845 658 6488.