Direct Debit, Paperless Direct Debit (PDD), Training
15, AUG 2019

Paperless direct debit offers a number of advantages for organisations. It also offers benefits for your members signing up to pay.

Easy sign up

Signing up for a direct debit has always been easy – its a simple 1 page form to complete.  With the introduction of paperless direct debit however it has become even easier! With no paper form to complete, members can sign up over the telephone or via a website. Another huge benefit for members of paperless direct debit is that people can sign up whenever they want. There’s no need for them to wait for opening times or for ‘office hours’ which might not be convenient.

One less thing to remember

Direct debit gives the organisation greater certainty relating to when payment will be received. In the same way, the members who have signed up to pay their membership fees using direct debit have one less thing to remember to do. Memberships are often paid annually, and having a direct debit set up means they don’t have to worry about sending a cheque off in time. For memberships that are paid more frequently – monthly or bi-monthly perhaps, the direct debit means another thing that doesn’t need to get added to the ‘to do’ list.

A more efficient way to pay

With payments taken care of through direct debit, the club administrators save time – and money – which can be used to invest in other services and activities. The cost savings can also be passed on to members for example in the form of membership incentives and discounts. The organisation has more time to concentrate on running the club’s core activities rather than chasing late payments. It avoids disruption to membership, and the embarrassment on both sides that might arise from late payment and that has to be good for everyone.

Peace of mind

Direct debits are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee which means that any payments taken in error – or fraudulently – will be refunded. It avoids the possibility of cheques going missing in the post – or not being cashed promptly, and of cash being misappropriated.

So why not consider introducing Paperless DIrect Debits now? If you’re encouraging paperless sign up, you can include a summary of these advantages on your website and any other publicity material you produce. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to include some text encouraging your members to choose direct debit alongside the paper direct debit instruction that you send out.

Expert help and Support

If you’d like to introduce paperless direct debit solutions for your members but don’t have the resources available to get it set up, why not get in touch with us? We offer tailored direct debit consultancy to help organisations get started with direct debits. And of course, we can also process the direct debit files and send these to BACS for you through our direct debit bureau. Still have questions? Contact us now.