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About Bacs

Bacs is the not-for-profit organisation that regulates and manages the Direct Debit scheme. Bacs’ objectives are to ensure that a quality service is provided and that rules and regulations are adhered to by both users and banks. Bacs’ key responsibilities are to:

  • maintain the integrity of the scheme,
  • update the scheme rules,
  • act as an ombudsman / governing body for the service.

Bacs Members:

Bacs is owned by 16 of the leading banks and building societies in the UK, Europe and US. These are called the Member Banks. Member banks have a direct link to Bacs and will upload transactions to Bacs directly.  There are hundreds of other banks (and building societies) that can offer accounts that support Direct Debits. These are called Agency Banks. They are not Direct members of Bacs and will themselves bank through one of the Member banks. They will send their transactions to their Member bank and the Member bank will send the transactions to Bacs on their behalf. All banks, whether Member banks or Agency banks are governed by the same set of rules that regulate the scheme.

Bacs Training:

Our Bacs Accredited “Clear Direct Debit Training” programme is a complete guide to collecting and processing Direct Debits. Our one day course will ensure you have all the information you need on the ever changing rules and regulations of the scheme.  It will advise on best practice and ideas for promoting Direct Debit use to ensure that you and your organisation are able to maximise the opportunities presented by Direct Debit—i.e. to gain more customers and increase profitability.

Note: The Bacs accreditation demonstrates that the course and all the related materials have been thoroughly vetted and approved by Bacs, the organisation responsible for the Direct Debit Scheme. This gives you the assurance that the information is accurate and up to date.

See more information on our Bacs Accredited Direct Debit training,

Bacs Processing Calendars:

The Bacs processing calendar details the Bacs processing dates throughout the year and highlights non-processing dates that are important to remember when you are planning when to process your payment files.

See the 2016 Bacs Processing calendar

See the 2017 Bacs Processing calendar

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