Avoid missed payments this Easter – additional Bacs non-processing days

It’s not long now until the Easter holidays are upon us and organisations need to be aware of the additional Bacs non-processing days.

April 14th (Good Friday) and April 17th (Easter Monday) are bank holidays and this could affect when you might want to send your Bacs files to process.  When planning your submissions please bear in mind the following dates:

If the payment is to arrive in the account on… …the processing date must be… …and so the latest submission date is…
Thursday 13 April Wednesday 12 April Tuesday 11 April
Tuesday 18 April Thursday 13 April Wednesday 12 April
Wednesday 19 April Tuesday 18 April Thursday 13 April
Thursday 20 April Wednesday 19 April Tuesday 18 April

If organisations fail to plan ahead for these additional Bacs non-processing days, they run the risk of missing or delaying essential payments to staff and suppliers.

Submitting files in advance

Bacs are reminding organisations that files can be submitted up to 30 days in advance.  Typically, an organisation will submit their files as close to payment / collection date as possible to ensure maximum time to action Bacs reports (for example ADDACS information).  However, when staff are taking holiday it can be useful to send files a few days in advance of collection / payment.

Just remember that if files are sent in advance it is essential to include a valid processing (or payments date) within the file.  Without a date, the payment / collection will default to the next available Bacs processing (payment) date.  If so, Direct Debits could, for example, be collected early.  This could cause issues for both customers and the organisation – as Stroud Council recently found out – see our blog on this.

To help you plan ahead, the Bacs Processing calendar which gives details of all the Bacs non-processing days for 2017 is available on our website.  If you still have questions about submissions, please contact us to discuss.